Who can use?

We understand that each industry is different with unique requirements and so Catalyst is not a "One size fits all" software. We have put in lot of effort and time to develop industry specific flavours.

WiseBolts Catalyst ERP - Pharma

This has complete GMP manufacturing along with SOPs, COA, TDS, Batch Manufacturing records, audit trails and other regulatory requirements

Wisebolts Catlyst ERP - Labs

This is GLP compliant software with required audit trails and SOP. It includes documents like COA and TDS

WiseBolts Catalyst ERP - Chemicals

End to end Chemical manufacturing and trading processes with automated generation of shipping docs, MSDS and search by CAS number, grade, etc

WiseBolts Catalyst ERP - Engineering Services

Complete ERP coverage along with strong Supply Chain Management, Batch Planning and Processing, Process steps and Process recipes, etc

WiseBolts Catalyst ERP - Manufacturing

It not only includes SCM and other modules but also has customised modules for BOM, Batch Planning, Batch manufacturing, Discrete manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, etc

WiseBolts Catalyst ERP - Trading

This flavour has additional features like warehouse mgmt, supplier and dealer mgmt, dealer credit limits, dealer logins, profitability worksheets